Your questions, answered.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes. A successful match for your practice is our top priority, and because of this, there generally there is no need to utilize our guarantee. If necessary linkPAs will continue the search if the Physician Assistant placement is unsuccessful after 180 days. 

How often do I receive communication/feedback on potential candidates?

We know you are busy but want to keep you posted as often as possible on our active search for your candidate. We also understand that others on your team will be interested in occasional updates of the search. During our initial talk, you can let us know the best way to reach you so you can stay informed. We can be reached anytime by phone if you have questions.

Why is linkPAs better than all the other recruiting companies?

One word, experience! The linkPAs owners have over 32 years of experience in business leadership in a billion dollar staffing company, practicing as a Physician Assistant, and placing Physician Assistants. We understand the profession and successful matching more than anyone.

Also, many recruiting companies use the post and coast method. linkPAs values relationships. We want to make a great Physician Assistant match. We know that adding a great new PA to your team will bring success to the clinical staff, office leadership, and therefore the patients. With us, the whole system improves.

How long does the process take?

Once the contract is signed we will immediately activate both local, state, and national networks to find the best match for your practice or team. The time involved in this successful match depends on the specialty, practice setting, compensation package,  and geographic location. Once a candidate has been found, we will help you set up an interview.

How can I be sure that you are working to find candidates quickly?

When looking for a PA, others often have to cover an empty spot in the medical team. Hospital rounds take longer, patient wait times increase, consults take days, and your medical team fatigues! We understand that this is not a sustainable system. Our team has the ability to reach into our extensive local, state, and national network to connect you with great candidates sooner than a traditional search.

Is your fee competitive with other recruiting firms?

Most recruiting firms that work on a contingency basis use the 10 percent of first annual salary to set their placement fee. Not all companies offer a guarantee.